What is The GenSmart Academy?

The GenSmart Academy has a single purpose:

To clear the path to optimal health through a science base proven methodology that eliminates the guesswork and the noise.

The GenSmart Academy was very informative, fascinating, I highly recommend it for
those who want to learn more about their own health and learn how to change their
lifestyles for the better forever.
— Rebecca Tucker MD of White Calm Retreat

How it works



By turning our focus towards our own personal genetic makeup, we can learn about our own unique health, fitness potential, nutritional needs and risk factors.



The GenSmart methodology is a proven system that has already changed hundreds of lives. Scientifically-based and peer reviewed, it will guide and educate you about your own personalised goals and life-hacks.



Learning to implement new habits designed to your unique specifications/characteristics/DNA grants you a more inclusive and integrative perspective on your optimal self. Simple changes can yield powerful results!



Your health is your responsibility. Implementing the GenSmart methodology will give you the ability to turn what you already know into results.


Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death globally.


Most of these conditions share common behavioural risk factors, meaning our daily habits are key to whether we develop a condition or not.

In 2006-07, poor diet related ill health cost the NHS in the UK £5.8 billion, greater than alcohol consumption, smoking and physical inactivity. This represents nearly 50% of the NHS budget per year. 

Nearly one in four deaths - more than 100,000 deaths every year - are potentially avoidable, according to estimates from the Office for National Statistics.


What do people say?

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