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Why GenSmart for your business?

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Why are we different ?

Beyond a wellness program - an unfair advantage for your company

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We are digital, driven by data and optimisation


Health data means nothing if you don't know what to do with it…

We are a health intelligence platform integrating genomics and health tracking technologies to deliver personalised advice services, and products that are tailored to the unique needs of your employee.

We analyse DNA, biomarkers and lifestyle to help you interpret what impacts your health most, and what to do to reach your unique goals, one habit at a time.

Our MII approach (Measure,Implement,Improve ) can be reported and monitored through a quarterly dashboard thanks to our validated health assessments and metrics systems. So your employee’s progress can be measured against your ROI.

Targeted small action over time for sustainable results

  • Sustained intervention for long term health

    When companies provide limited intervention, failing to support long-term habit building. We provide ongoing personalised interventions and support via our platform so that we empower employees to participate in their health.

  • Engagement for results first

    Our platform is build for engagement and retention, the insights we provide are design to simulate the impact of dietary adjustments as well as tracking response to health habits over time. By implementing GenSmart's life hacks, employees will become better informed about factors affecting their health and establish proactive habits that reduce the likelihood of loss of productivity and chronic illness developing in the future.

  • Best in class employee experience

    Our intuitive design and guided methodology reflects our commitment to providing value above all else. We believe that user data is the reserve of the individual.

We focus on helping your employee to reach their healthier self on top of providing exemplary personal care thanks to our team of qualified experts.

Here how we make your business healthier?

5 Simple Steps

From initial enquiry to implementation , we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your whole experience is easy and enjoyable and will always listen to you to ensure the our program is tailored perfectly to your company’s need.

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Here is what our clients are saying :

There is a time in life when one starts to think I have to look after myself. This time has come for me and now is the moment to start. About me, nearly 40 years, positioned in a Management function, a lot travel miles hence exposed to radiation and of course there would be a lot to say about what I eat and drink. One day I promised myself to see the gym twice a week and I did not break this promise. Yet, there was no noticeable change in me. 
Then one fine day, came to know about the program which caught my inquisitive mind and i had to learn more. I had no idea that only with buckle swipe one will receive so much information about oneself. All these biological information have been made available for me the way i can understand easily and with recommendation in various areas. Food recommendation, food I should intake more of and/or should avoid (didn’t know that in my case ginger causes side effects). 
Nearly 3 month are past and with all the findings from the test, the recommendation on food and beverages, combined with tips what kind of sport supports the other activities most the results are impressive. I lost weight, reduced body fat, sleep quality went up by 25% (measured with iwatch) and most important I do feel different.

C- suite Executive at BMW

"I feel lucky to have been involved in the Thriyv pilot. So far it has been a fascinating journey of discovery. Some mysteries - for example, my reactions to certain pollutants - have been explained with almost uncanny precision. 

The recommended lifestyle and diet is already showing positive health results - and it's enjoyable and tasty!

 It was a remarkable experience - I would especially like to thank all those involved in delivering it. The personal care they've provided has been exemplary."

Executive at Nuclear horizon