GenSmart Academy

1 day workshop


Are you tired of trying many different, diet and other plan that don't work, and are you ready to finally take action and make a sustainable change for long-lasting results?

If the answer is yes, the GenSmart Academy is for you and you are going to love it!

GenSmart is for daily heroes, proactive individuals who are too busy to follow the latest trends, but who want to avoid the guesswork. It provides peace of mind and a guarantee that what you are doing makes a difference and delivers results.



Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive your GenSmart DNA collection kit with everything you need to collect your DNA at home. Your personalised genetic results reports will then be sent to you prior to the start of the Academy. 

During the course, you will explore each of your genes and your reports and learn how to implement changes that count.



Personal DNA testing and nutrigenomics can reveal our unique individual fitness potential, nutritional needs and disease risk factors.

The GenSmart Method helps you to harness this knowledge, and turn it into sustainable habits and lifestyle changes. We want to make a difference by educating people with science-based methodology to take control of their health. 

We believe that genetic knowledge should be accessible to anyone, effective for everyone.


What will you get?

  • Your DNA test with up to 96 gene reports

  • Your learning material

  • Your yearly premium access to the GenSmart app!

  • A certification with the GenSmart academy

  • Opportunity to join the GenSmart Club and reward program

GenSmart Academy Pro

1 Day certification


Are you a healthcare practitioner? A nutritionist, or a health practitioner who wants to understand and apply an personalised approach in their practice? 

Genetic testing and nutrigenomics are the future of individualised healthcare and, although reliable genetic testing is now readily available for clinical use, genetics is still a relatively new clinical tool.

Until recently, healthcare practitioners have been left to educate themselves in this exciting area of clinical science, by simply picking up information where they can. It is for this reason that GenSmart has join forces with highly experience lecturer to offers structured learning programs and continued education support in the field of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Having the scientific knowledge to translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions is essential for the responsible integration of DNA testing into healthcare practice. We therefore require certification before healthcare providers are able incorporate the GenSmart Pro platform into their clinic.

We are dedicated to providing healthcare practitioners with training and education to allow for accurate and useful interpretation of genetic results.

The certification workshops provide a comprehensive review of the four DNA profiles, as well as the inclusion and discussion of cases in each profile. Your highly experienced lecturer will discuss the biochemical pathways involved in each test, and highlight the genes that impact these pathways.


What will you learn?

After the workshop you should be equipped with the knowledge to use the 4 genetic profiles; DNA health, DNA diet, DNA sport and DNA oestrogen in practice.


What will you get?

  • Your Profile as a GenSmart certified practitioner

  • A certification with the GenSmart academy

  • Opportunity to join the GenSmart team and be part of its very rewarding affiliation program